Isophtalic boat building polyester resin


CRYSTIC 489 PA BT LV is a thixotropic, accelerated, pure isophtalic unsaturated polyester
resin. It is tinted blue to help see air bubble entrapment and thereby facilitate their removal duringthe laminating process.


CRYSTIC 489 PA BT LV can be used by hand lay up or by spray techniques. We recommend the use of gelcoat Crystic LS 98 PA to meet the need for a matched performance isophtalic gelcoat/laminating resin system for moulding boat hulls with outstanding durability and performance. The use of such a high performance match system will significantly improve theresistance of GRP to blistering caused by the osmotic process.

Features and Benefits

Low viscosity – Rapid and easy impregnation
Blue tint – Easy air bubbles removal
Low exotherm pic – Production of thick laminates wet on wet
Long polymer chain – Excellent resistance to water ingress
High elongation – Excellent impact resistance


CRYSTIC 489 PA BT LV and its variants are approved by the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and Bureau Véritas for use in the construction of craft under their survey.
CRYSTIC 489 PA BT LV and its variants may be used in contact with foodstuffs.