CRYSTIC 90 – 80 PA

Bonding paste with glass fibres

Crystic 90-80PA is pre-accelerated polyester bonding paste. It is a viscous, filled compound containing short glass fibres, a low shrink additive and a flexible additive, specifically designed for the assembly and bonding of GRP mouldings. Such applications include panels, inserts, internal frames, ribs, composite constructions and car body components. The use of these bonding pastes gives high shear-strength structures.


The bond strength of Crystic 90-80PA will decrease at service temperatures greater than 60°C. Structures carrying loads above this temperature should either have additional mechanical fastening, such as bolts or rivets, or be bonded with a more suitable adhesive.

Crystic 90-80PA does not give a good, permanent bond to metal surfaces unless some mechanical interlocking, such as a metal mesh, is used. The bonding pastes can be used on surfaces other than GRP e.g., timber, plasterboard, etc. However, it is recommended that trials are carried out to ensure that an adequate bond strength is obtained.