Superior Weathering ISO - NPG Gelcoat for Spray Application


Crystic LS 30PA is a superior weathering ISO – NPG gelcoat. It is filled, pre-accelerated and formulated for spray application. This product is available in a wide range of colours and the information contained in this technical datasheet also applies to pigmented versions.

The Scott Bader Technical Service department is able to provide information and advice relating to the use of composites products in a wide range of markets and applications.


Crystic LS 30PA is recommended for use in marine, land transport and building applications. It is also suitable for general moulding requirements.

Features & Benefits

Crystic LS 30PA has been developed to ensure excellent intrinsic weathering properties. The viscosity profile ensures even coverage with minimal drainage and low film porosity. Crystic LS 30PA typically contains 29 – 31% styrene when formulated as a pigmented gelcoat, helping to minimise styrene emissions in the workplace. The robust formulation ensures the gelcoat is suitable for use in a wide range of application conditions.