Kiili Julla

The rowboat Kiili Julla 285 is suitable for recreational fishermen because of its lightness, as you can lift it on the roof of the car by yourself (the only requirement is proper carriers for the car) The Julla is a suitable boat for going ashore from a larger vessel, for riding in the harbour, for transporting the anchor and in many other cases, where the small weight and dimensions of the boat are important. While testing we were able to ride with two or three people on board. You can also order the Kiili Julla with the so-called motorcycle seat in the middle of the boat. Gasoline or electrical engines are suitable.

Length: 285 cm
Width: 124 cm
board height: 42 cm
No. of people: 1
Weight: 50 kg
Maximum engine power: 4hp
Material: fibre-glass