Kiili Boat 440

Rowing boat Kiili Boat 440 has a keeled bottom and suits the sharp waves of the Baltic Sea and Lake Peipus as well as smaller lakes and rivers.

Due to the good riding performance and safety, the Kiili Boat 440 is an acclaimed fishing and netting boat for smaller nets. In addition it is widely used as a recreational, transport and rental boat. Thanks to the economic and well-advised underbody the Kiili Boat 440 glides on the water and cuts through the waves very easily whether you are riding with an engine or rowing. The boat is manufactured in the mould as a single whole (not glued together) to ensure the hull’s strength and rigidity. Using a 5 hp two-stroke engine we were able to do 10 km with one litre of fuel in under an hour on calm water. You do not need boating permits to ride the Kiili Boat. If necessary we will assist with the delivery of the boat withing the borders of Estonia, When choosing an outboard engine for the Kiili Boat 440 follow our recommendation: max. 6 kW/8 hp. When doing shorter trips on smaller inland waters a smaller engine or electrical engine will suffice. When riding on Lake Peipus or the sea we recommend a 4 hp or a more powerful engine. Whether you go for a four or a two-stroke engine is up to you.

The four-stroke pollutes less, the gear is steadier. When choosing an engine take into consideration that the transom height of the Kiili Boat 440 is 510 mm. Therefore engines with a longer shaft length (L); 20”, 510 mm, are suitable. You can also ride with a short shaft length (S); 15”; 380 mm; however, when picking up speed the boat will raise the bow. It is more convenient to use an engine that has the gas tank mounted beneath the engine cover. NB! When going on a ride take spare gasoline or fuel mixture with you.

By special request, it is possible to equip the boat with a rudder and a sail. Both the rudder and the mast can be quickly installed and removed, providing a good alternative to the oars or the engine.
It is possible to beat windward with the Kiili Boat 400. The strong rudder that extends 0.6 m underneath the keel allows tacking. The long rudder brings about interesting riding performance with crosswind or windward bearings that no drop keel or bilge keel boats share. The bow “sinks” downwind when sailing windward or crosswind. To compensate the “sinking” the steersman corrects the heading upward and the long rudder pushes the mast in the upper position against the wind. The higher the boat speed the greater the righting force. Since the boat has no bilge keel, wearing in strong winds requires more attention.

To sail with the Kiili Boat 440 you can use Optimist, windsurfing, Kadet, Europe or any 3.5-10 m2 area sails. Larger sails require reefing. If the mast is located in the center of the boat, a 0.7-1.5 m2 headsail will enhance sailing pleasure.
On site we always have masts and sails similar to the Optimist sail, which are suitable for beginner sailors and stronger winds.

Installing other sailing equipment requires one-off solutions.

Length: 440 cm
Width: 162 cm
Board: 60 cm
Full and down draught: 30 cm
Freeboard height: : 30 cm
No. of people: 4
Deadweight: 500 kg
Maximum engine power: 6 kw
Weight: ~100 kg
Category: D
Material: fibre-glass