Low exotherm versatil spray resin


CRYSTIC 2446PALV is an orthophtalic pre-accelerated, low styrene emission and thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin. It contains a colour change system and will change from blue to natural colour when the catalyst is added to the resin.
CRYSTIC 2446PALV is designed mainly for spray application but is also suitable for contact moulding. CRYSTIC 2446PALV is a versatil resin and may be used for most general purpose mouldings.

Features and Benefits

Low viscosity —  Easy impregnation of the reinforcement
Rapid hardening — Fast mould turn – round
General purpose — Only one resin for many applications
Colour change system — Secures that catalyst is well added and mixed


CRYSTIC 489 PA BT LV and its variants are approved by the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and Bureau Véritas for use in the construction of craft under their survey.